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Denali Backcountry Guides

Guided, naturalist hiking tours in Denali, Alaska




Hike, Explore, and Experience the Alaskan Wilderness


Set off on your adventure at our private helipad where you will fly with one of our experienced pilots along with a naturalist expert of the area with over 25 years of experience in the Denali National Park area. From here, fly over the mountainous terrain of the Alaskan back country keeping an eye out from wildlife (caribou, moose, bear, and Dall sheep) on your way to a landing zone custom-picked by your guide to suit your desires and hiking ability. You'll land in remote Alaskan wilderness with your guide and take an adventurous 3 hour hike through the alpine tundra exploring and learning about the wild lands of Alaska that you come to Denali to experience.  

Experience the wilderness of Alaska



We are a guiding service in the Denali Park National Park area that has been operating since 1996. In 1998 we began leading Heli-hike trips with  ERA Helicopters (now TEMSCO) and have been providing that service proudly since then. Along with Heli-hike trips we offer interpretive hikes, walking tours and overnight trips that offer the best of Alaska wilderness travel.  Our overnight trips are custom designed to fit travelers time frame and experience.   

Our guides are among the most experienced in Alaska.  Combined they have guided throughout Alaska,  spent decades hiking, climbing and packrafting in the Alaska Range. Our goal is to share our knowledge and love of Alaska. As career wilderness professionals, we are working to pass on wilderness skills to a new generation of guides, as well as travelers.   

Choose where your adventure begins



Arctic Ground Squirrel in Denali.Denali National Park hiking tours


Hiking Level: Moderate

Tour Times:



8:30pm-11:15pm (May-July only)

This is our most popular trip. Meet your guide in the lobby of the local hotel. Drive times are short and group size is small (3-8 travelers).  

Walking with an experienced local naturalist is really a great way to see the complicated connections of plants, animals, and people within the splendor of true wilderness in Alaska.  The boreal forest in the lower elevations gives way to specialized sub arctic ecosystems like taiga and tundra. The permafrost areas and fantastic mountains are home to plants and animals highly adapted to the harsh elements. Your guide will stop frequently to explain this in depth.  

Hiking in Denali, Alaska. Denali National Park hiking tours
Caribou antler in Denali, Alaska. Denali National Park hiking tours

Hiking Level: Strenuous

Group size 3-7 travelers

Offered once daily 11:15am - 4:15pm

This tour is for the more fit travelers.  While still a narrated tour, the interpretive hike covers more ground, and explores the glacier topology in depth.  The extra time on the ground gives the group a chance to see the forested area near the Nenana river, the brushy but wildlife rich sub-alpine tundra, and the gorgeous views and highly adapted vegetation of the taiga.  Note, this tour often operates in areas just outside the National Park so we may explore the mountains off-trail and utilize locations that are more remote and have a wider variety of terrain to explore. 

Denali National Park hiking tours. Yanert Valley glacier valley Denali, Alaska

The mountains are calling...

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